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The Flick Factory has several scripts
“in development” in particular:

‘Dead Clean’ – comedy drama –
Traumatic death scene cleaners
do business. - 95 mins.
Full feature script now available.

Dead Clean Feature 2010

‘Fleshing Out’ - comedy drama.
Dur: 90min
A Hollywood animator is visited ‘Scrooge-like’ by his cartoon creations at a time of intense crisis.
(In stage form this was produced
as part of the London New Play Festival

fleshing out movie 1

‘Axed’ – drama.
Dur: 90 min
In the 1970s a giant prisoner is sprung from Dartmoor and holed up by a crime gang in a shitty London flat. But why ?

Straight Taboo’ – comedy drama.
Dur: 90 min
'Hi De Hi' in a Las vegas porn studio.

‘Rain Cheque’ – comedy drama.
Dur: 60 min
An ageing crook has a brainwave get rich scheme/scam until he attempts
one rip off too far.

'Peanut Batter' - comedy drama. Short. A mother and daughter come to blows over peanuts and divorce issues. "A lot more psychological insight and nut based recipes than anything Scorsese has ever attempted" - Mark Kermode.

'The Men They Couldn't Comb' - comedy drama. TV Series. A former criminal now runs a security firm. 'Dads Army' meets 'Minority Report'. Talks are currently in progress with Hattrick Productions.

'Bodycop' - comedy short. A barrister is murdered and ends up haunting the brain of his crap criminal killer.



Various two and three person short comedy sketches, including the
‘Werner Unt Klaus’
series featuring
the notorious Camden based
German bisexuals.





Suggestive' the short satirical comic film was made in the first half of 2010.



Watch the film.

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