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Dead Clean    

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Dead Clean – the short film, is the dark, comic tale of a traumatic crime scene cleaning firm.

A full length feature script is now available.


Dead Clean was heavily featured on the dedicated short film Sky platform, Propeller TV. Sky 195, but that channel was bought out by a Chinese TV syndicate and now only shows programmes about teleshopping and kung fu (alas not in the same show).

Dead Clean is available to watch in full online at: http://vimeo.com/32682280 (18+ adult themed)

In January 2008 it was picked by the Daily Mirror's "What's On Telly" guru Adrian Lobb as a "comedy highlight" ... and he should bleedin' well know...

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The Flick Factory produced the "stand up sitcom" 'CrashPad' between January and April 2008 at the Arts Theatre in London.

It is now in a delicious state of repose, but may be revived at a future date.

Many thanks to all who contributed, took part in and actually "audienced" [yes, it's now a verb] this comedy phenomenon.


Stand up comic and funny man minstrel Christian Reilly quit Crashpad after one show due to creative differences. Basically he was far too talented and discerning for the money on offer. The management asked him to be more crap to meet the wage scale, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Matt Earley stepped up to the plate and replaced Reilly. He had no such quibbles with being shoddy, but cheap.


Paul Foot bones up on male fashion, while Matt Earley, Tiffany Stevenson and Ron "How can something so right, be so Ron" Oake sing 'Love On The Rocks'


Ron hates the fuggin' cravat and Footy gets to nurse a "tomato ketchup fake blood" shiner.

Crashpad intro song
(18+ version)



Cineass - the comic strip.

A satirical look at all that is right with modern filmmaking.


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