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Hannah Patterson
Producer of ‘Dead Clean’, Hannah has edited books on contemporary English, Irish and North American filmmakers along with the work of Terrence Malick. [www.wallflowerpress.co.uk], Hannah has just produced 'Shelter In Place' a hard hitting look at people too poor to move away from the outskirts of polluted Texan oilfields. She has also written a number of stage plays for the London fringe.

David Charap
One of the best film editors in Britain, David has cut a dozen features and continues his work with the narrative talent of Pawel Pawlikowski [Last Resort, My Summer of Love, The Woman from The 5th] and Terrence Davies' [Deep Blue Sea ]. David is a valued “consultant” for FF.

Sonority Music
Michael Edwards is emerging as one of the most interesting composer prospects around. He's globally known for playing, writing and producing with Lisa Gerrard [Hannibal, Gladiator, The Insider, Whale Rider, Layer Cake]. His latest filmwork is the violent, all exploding, yet slyly knowing 'Kill The Irishman', with Val Kilmer and Ray Stevenson. [www.sonority.tv]

Perfect Edge
Christophe Spurling and Lou D'Arcy designed and art directed the
Ray Winstone BAFTA nominated feature Everything and continue their fascination with stuff that is chic, well designed, aged, tatty, weathered and/or generally knackered in some strange visual way. They'll also knock up a Japanese bedroom for you. If you want one. [www.perfect-edge.co.uk]



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