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Along with several low budget pop promos and commercials, the Flick Factory have directed many populist TV shows, including:

KPA: Pebble Mill doc inserts: BBC1

Ideal World: ‘Bits’ C4






‘The Suffrajets’: Part of ‘Roadies’ series: BBC UK Horizons. This feisty group got a Sony record deal on the back of the film. Then crashed and burned in classic rocknroll style. Rest In Noise.



‘Dangerous Driving': BBC UK Horizons

The series that gave eccentric UK petrolheads the chance to proudly exhibit their pistons and passions.



‘The Crime Business’: Bravo Channel.

The series that treated crime as just another job and got to interview many ex-murderers turned authors who are now far less likely to "slot" you.

Other Stuff


‘Man Overboard’: Discovery Channel

The series that treated the Mediteranean as "just another sea" of Empires. It featured interviews with many ex Moorish and ex Roman soldiers turned corpses, who are now far less likely to "slot" you.


fasc sm

The Flick Factory recently shot and edited a promotional pop promo for Soul Funk Motown band-for-hire 'The Fascinations'. This colourful, vibey good time video was supebly produced on a ludicrously low budget in a ridiculously small shooting schedule. Is it cheesy? This band could be renamed 'The Gorgonzolas'

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